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Alcohol & Substance abuse is a challenge in South Africa with detrimental effects on health, wealth and security of the nation. In South Africa drug abuse has been associated with crime, interpersonal violence, risky sexual behaviour, negative health of users and negative psychological impact to their families. Realistic aim to combat alcohol and drug abuse amongst the young people in South Africa and the Western Cape.


A research by Reddy et al reported that 18% of South African learners had used at least one illegal drug such as methamphetamines(Tik), heroin, mandrax and cocaine. This figure is the highest in the region. Given the medical and social harm caused by these drugs, it is important to understand the extent of their use amongst sub populations and the Realistic have come up with the effective ways to combat them.


Realistic offers  school Life Skill programs that offer alternatives to drug related activities for youth (prevention). We also run campaigns to reach appropriate young people in multiple settings such as schools, recreational clubs and religious settings. 

Long-Term Goals 

Education: Reduce disruptions to the learning environment caused by behaviour associated with substance abuse (intoxication and gang activity)and improve performance and reduce drop-out rates. 

Crime: Early Intervention  help cut down violent crimes associated with drug and alcohol abuse and intoxication. 

Alleviating Poverty: Addressing substance abuse contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty and dependence on state support, in order to open the way for skills development and employment.


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