About us

Realistic Rebuilding Life Skills Centre was established by a Former Employee of the South African Department of Correctional Service( Correctional Service Warden) with the purpose to minimise the incidence of crime by preventing the Dynamic repeat of  offending which contributes substantially to the High Crime rate in South Africa. 

The Organisations mandate is to change this mindset by living a positive and productive life style free from crime and violence. We also offer Rehabilitation Services and Intervention Programs  to the youth at risk from Alcohol and Substance Abuse. 

We recruit youth with Addiction and Youth at Risk of being Addicts and introduce them in a  structured and scientifically proven programmes. Some of the Youth after the six month rehabilitation program go back to school with the intention of completing their High School and some study further through Colleges and Vocational Skills Centres or full-time employees for prestige companies.  


To transform communities and to build a self-reliant society that can govern their own lives and families effectively.


  • To facilitate a social safety net for the poor, the vulnerable and those with special needs in a development manner
  • Creating an environment to empower the domestic fabric
  • To this end we are committed to that holistic process of individual self- empowerment



REALISTIC promotes and ascribes to the following values:

  • Dignity and integrity
  • Commitment
  • Discipline
  • Leadership and responsibility

Our team

Solomon Madikane picture

Solomon Madikane

Executive Director

I was born in the Early 70's Matriculated in the 90s at Pinelands High School in South Africa, and Completed Project Management studies and NLP coaching i.e. coach and community development. Spent 10 years working for Old Mutual, Nedco Group, and the Department of Correctional Services. Director at REALISTIC Founder since 2004. 

Solomon Madikane founded Realistic Organization in 2004 after realising that many ex-offenders re-offend after being released from jail because they cannot reintegrate into their families or communities.

I enjoy telling others about my life experiences.

Hiking and running are two of my favourite outdoor activities.

If there's one thing people don't know about me is the fact that " I lead a very Spiritual Life Style" and my heart lies deep down in serving other. 

I just want to see everyone getting a second chance and all opportunities   !


Sisiwe Nqiza picture

Sisiwe Nqiza

Office Manager and Social Auxiliary

I am a Social Auxiliary Worker with 5+ experience and currently working at Realistic NPO for 10 years. I started at Realistic as a volunteer then I was driven by my passion for Community Development and my belief that every individual deserve a chance, I realized I had to further my studies and became Auxiliary Worker. I further did a Course in Substance abuse training course at UWC in Cape Town. 

Restorative Justice training, Group sessions, home visit, holiday programme for youth and outdoor activities.

I was born in Cape Town. My mission is to make difference to our youth and community. 

My goal for my future is to study further to become a Social worker so I can be able to make a difference.

Nasiphi Mashicolo picture

Nasiphi Mashicolo

Social Worker - Early Intervention

I'm Nasiphi Mashicolo a registered Social worker holding an Honours Degree in Social Work obtained from Walter Sisulu University . 

I have conducted a study on "Factors contributing to suicide of Adolescents" for my Dessertation. I have experience in Child Care and Protection Services, and I have acquired fundraising skills. 

I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of individuals and I have acquired skills that enable me to understand, respond and tailor support to individuals  need. 

I know that no approach is the right one for every individual.

Bathndwa Mdludlu picture

Bathndwa Mdludlu

Social Worker- Aftercare

My name is Bathandwa Mdludlu, I hold a Bachelor of Social Work from the University Of The Western Cape majoring in Psychology. 

I have  a deep passion for my career field counselling others in substance abuse. I enjoy the opportunities I have to reach more individuals and assist them to achieve sobriety and healthy lives.


Pamela Sijentu picture

Pamela Sijentu

Auxiliary- Outpatient

Holds a Bachelor of Social Worker from University of Cape Town
Goal driven and self motivated individual.
Currently work as an Outpatient Auxiliary Worker

Khanya Mgengwana picture

Khanya Mgengwana

Outpatient Facilitator

I'm a Group Facilitator. I started at Realistic as a client in 2015 when I was an addict in drugs so I attended group sessions early recovery, support group, restorative justice.

I finish my 6 months and I graduate I decide to go back to school and finish my grade 12 after finishing school got an opportunity at Realistic Child Youth Care Center as security I work there for sometime my goal was to give back to community at 2022 may i got another opportunity to facilitate outpatient program to help the youth that are struggling to get out of abusing drugs.

Theres  challenges in life. You need to make a choice and take a Chance in order to change your life. I’m 10 years sober without using drugs. My goal is to help the youth that are struggling to change their ways.

The is life without drugs!

Ntombozuko Mkham picture

Ntombozuko Mkham

Auxiliary- Social Crime

Xolelwa Macanda picture

Xolelwa Macanda

General Worker

Mandisa Ntlahla picture

Mandisa Ntlahla

Social Worker - Early Intervention

I’m Mandisa Ntlahla I hold a Honors Degree in social worker from the University of Forthare.

Experience: placement of children in foster care , Drug and crime victim counselling at the Department of social development.

Currently work as an Early intervention social worker at Realistic( providing assistance to children with risk behaviours and youth exposed to substance abuse to prevent any progression of the habit.

I’m a self-motivated, reliable and goal oriented person.
I enjoy counselling and making sure that others are well and happy.

Siseko Kevin Mtati picture

Siseko Kevin Mtati

Sports and Program Facilitator

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