Realistic Annual Street Game June 16 Event

By Mapanya Sogoni
Realistic Annual  Street Game June 16 Event picture

A Right to Play is a Human Right. Realistic this right we take it very seriously. For the last 14 years Realistic has been organising a Realistic Street Game. 

This particular year 2024 many people who attended the tournament they claim that it was epic and very intense, watching 12 Teams fighting to have their names written in the final game. This event is not only about playing soccer on the streets. 

Youth get the opportunity to learn working as a team, compassion and emotional communication, it allows us at Realistic to advocate and campaign against Violence, GBV, Gangsterism and Substance and Addiction. 

We had teams from all walks of life as far as Khayelitsha and Landsdowne in the Southern Surbub in Cape Town.This tournament is not possible without the Guguletu Business Society  people and individuals outside Guguletu, not only that we were also blessed to have TooMuchWifi joining support for the event but they see the opportunity to further work with Realistic in the future. 


We really want to thank everyone that has been involve in the tournament from the organising team, the players, the community of Ny 6 for allowing us to close the road and to the Councillor of ward 39 for helping us with the issue of the drainage system that nearly affected us from using the Ny 6 street for the game. 


Looking forward to 2025 June 16. 


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